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BA in Chemistry (first class honours), University of York, 1973.
MSc in Information Studies, University of Sheffield, 1975.
MSocInd(Adv): Advanced Professional Member of the Society of Indexers.

Background and Experience

I studied chemistry at university, but a laboratory career did not appeal. As an undergraduate I had enjoyed tracking down elusive information in books and journal articles, so I decided to pursue a career in scientific information. My first career was as a science librarian in academic and special libraries, with significant involvement in document indexing and information retrieval.

I developed an early interest in book indexing, and indexed several books as a sideline in the late 1970s and early 1980s. I gave up after a few years, as I found the short deadlines were not compatible with full-time employment, but continued to regard indexing as a possible future freelance career. This opportunity arose when I was offered early retirement in 2007, so I took the Society of Indexers' training course to bring me up to date, was presented with the Betty Moys Award for the best newly Accredited Indexer of 2008, and became a freelance indexer.

I subsequently became an Advanced Professional Member ("professional members who have demonstrated that they have reached a certain level of commercial experience and regular engagement with indexing") of the Society of Indexers and regularly index books for a number of publishers.

I live in Taunton, Somerset.




Society of Indexers Professional Member